Some people just have the natural talent and skills to see dirt, mess, and clutter. They can’t stand to leave it alone and have to get it done ASAP! Once the area is clean, they will feel better and can get on with their day.

Do you recognize yourself in that description? Perhaps you should consider starting a cleaning company.

A cleaning company can become a lucrative business if you take the right steps. Want to learn more?

Keep reading!

Setting a Budget

Although a cleaning company is one of the most affordable businesses to start, you will still need to set a budget for marketing, equipment, and wages.

The recommended course of action is to start cleaning yourself. As time goes on and your customer base starts to grow, you can expand and hire cleaners. However, you will likely still need to front some money to get started.

Let’s take a look at marketing. You can spread the word with flyers, social media, or create a referral program for your clients. Some of these things can cost a pretty penny, while others are completely free.

A budget is personal for everyone. So take a look at what you can afford, and see how you can scale your company accordingly.

Purchasing Your Cleaning Equipment

Purchasing equipment also depends on your budget, but it also depends on your services as a cleaner.

Are you willing to provide all materials and ask for a premium price? Or are you expecting your clients to provide the necessary products and tools and offer a cheaper hourly rate?

There are pros and cons to both. When you provide your own product and equipment, you are responsible for when you run out, you can choose your favorite products, and you know that the equipment works when you need it to.

If you rely on your clients to provide these items, you need less capital to start, you won’t have to maintain wear and tear, and you won’t need to lug around all of the necessary items to clean a home.

However, the client may have equipment that isn’t top of the line, broken, or missing pieces. Sometimes a client will simply forget to replace missing items, and you are left to deal with the fallout. Plus, you will need to offer a lower hourly rate, making it more expensive in the long run.

You can, of course, start with one service and phase it out as you build capital. Alternatively, you can also give the client a choice. Some prefer natural products, while others prefer harsher chemicals like bleach and may want to provide their preferred products.

Decide to purchase the equipment based on your finances, your customer base, and how you would like to scale your business in the future.

Getting Clients (And Keeping Them)

We already touched on marketing a bit. But getting clients is only a first step, albeit an important one.

Getting Clients

If you have a knack for sales, you will have an easier time promoting your services. If you already have a few clients because you have dabbled in the cleaning industry, you can ask them for referrals and offer them a discount.

However, getting your first clients might be tricky. Consider creating a business profile on Google that contains all the essential information, such as contact, hours, and services of your company.

You don’t need to have a website to create a profile. However, many businesses also choose to link the social media page to it.

Once you have your first clients, prioritize customer service. After all, no one wants someone cleaning their personal stuff in their home if they don’t trust them. Put your best foot forward from the start and leave a great impression!

Keeping Clients

Another great marketing strategy is to undersell your services. You might wonder what this looks like, but it is fairly simple. It means that you promise to perform a service that looks similar to the competition, but instead of just offering that, you go above and beyond to impress the client without them expecting it!

For example, tell them the basics of your cleaning process, like:

  • Surfaces
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Floors
  • And more

And when it is time for a cleaning, do a little extra each time.

For example, instead of just making the bed, give them fresh sheets, too. Or you can do a little deep cleaning in a different room each time, depending on what needs it most.

Are the baseboards in the living room dusty? Give them a quick wipe.

Do you see fingerprints on the windows? Clean them off.

Is the cupboard under the sink a mess? Organize it during your kitchen cleaning.

You get the point. Use your natural talents and skills to pinpoint forgotten items and get them done!

Legalities of a Cleaning Company

As with any business, a cleaning company may require some licensing. You will need to register as a business with the IRS and perhaps acquire some permits.

However, the most important part that will protect you and your business is to become bonded and insured. This means that insurance will cover damages that occur during the cleaning, and if your employees steal from clients, you can cover the cost coming out of the bond.

It tells your clients that you are a reputable company. Your clients will have peace of mind knowing that you are trustworthy and responsible for anything that can go wrong.

Each state and service has different bonds, so check with your local government to understand the costs and procedures necessary to get started.

Get Cleaning Today

Starting a cleaning company is a great way to make money and get those cleaning vibes out of your system. But, of course, there is a right and wrong way to get started. Following the steps above will get you on the right track.

Do you like cleaning but don’t want to run a company? No worries! If you are in Central Kentucky, apply online today and join our team!