The Gateway to Habits You Love

Try it in one room for a week—for just a two-minute period each day, tidy up a room as quickly as possible. Straighten up. Put away. Throw away. Fluff up. Put in order. Make it look neat quickly! It’s the two-minute tidy blitz.

You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make. Of course, two minutes is not much time. But it works if you move quickly and efficiently. And it helps if everything has its place, which would initially take more time.

What’s the significance of the two-minute tidy blitz? 

  1. The room looks good, which makes you feel good and gives you a sense of control in your life. It’s a valuable outcome!
  2. It’s the start of a new habit—one that you’ll love. James Clear, in Atomic Habits, says that new habits should take less than two minutes to do. Two minutes is easy. And, unless you’re a really disciplined person, your success in maintaining a new habit is highly dependent on ease. If the new habit is too demanding or difficult, chances are it won’t stick. You’ll revert to your old messy ways.
  3. The two-minute tidy blitz can also reinforce the identity you want to build. Even with just two-minutes each day, you’re becoming the type of person who lives in a neat, well-ordered environment. You start seeing yourself less as a slob and more as well-put-together person.

Once you start a new easy habit—like the two-minute tidy blitz—you’re all set to improve it. But first, before you improve the habit, you’ve got have a habit, even if it’s underdeveloped. As Clear says, you can’t improve a habit that doesn’t exist. Then and only can you allow the habit to grow and evolve. 

Can the two-minute rule be applied to other areas of your life? Absolutely. 

  • If you want to read more, read a page a day.
  • If you want to write more, write a sentence a day.

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