Our Story

Top Mops Cleaning Service has been providing reliable, dependable quality house and office cleaning in Lexington Kentucky since 2012.

Top Mops Cleaning Service is owned by Laban and Mary Ann Miller.  Mary Ann, Laban, and their son Laban started the company out of an interest in providing a quality-oriented service to the Lexington area and to provide top-notch jobs. Coming from a multigenerational Mennonite and Amish heritage, which traditionally values cleanliness and homemaking, the Miller family has been intent on carrying forward these values in the founding and ongoing operations of Top Mops.

Mary Ann Miller

Mary Ann first got immersed in the cleaning business as a means of earning money in order to put herself through nursing school.   Later, as a registered nurse, she embraced the notion that a clean home contributes to a healthy home.  She believes that a clean home makes everyone feel better.

Having faced the demanding and sometimes conflicting responsibilities of career, motherhood, church and community responsibilities, Mary Ann is particularly excited to offer active people the services of Top Mops.  Top Mops is about providing a balanced lifestyle to busy people, and freedom from burdensome chores to those who just don’t like to clean, or aren’t able to clean their own homes.

Laban D. Miller

Laban D. has vivid memories of cleaning in his earlier life as a young boy.  His organized parents regularly created work charts with weekly and daily tasks that Laban and his six siblings were expected to perform without prompting.  Laban recalls how the linoleum stairs to the basement required sweeping and washing every week.  As a young boy, it was one of his specific tasks, and it seemed huge but it felt so good to have it clean!

Later, as an administrator of a hospital, Laban gave oversight to departments such as quality management, human resources and housekeeping.   Today, his desire is to incorporate such hospital-like quality assurance practices into the services of Top Mops.  “We want our clients to rest in the confidence and assurance that their homes are being cleaned by trustworthy, reliable, and quality-oriented people.”

Laban Thomas Miller

Laban provided initial leadership and development in Top Mop’s while he completed his business degrees at the University of Kentucky. Laban’s wife, Camry also joined the business venture for a period of time to provide the initial leadership and coordination in the growing Top Mop’s office.  Laban T. was the spark that ignited a shared desire within the Millers to join together their energies and abilities in order to own and operate a healthy family business.  


Mary Ann, along with a team of high-quality people continue to pursue the initial vision and purpose of Top Mops Cleaning Service. Top Mops provides dependable house cleaning services to their loyal customers and they offer excellent jobs! Integrity, clear vision, respect for people, and pursuing quality have led Top Mops to be a successful Lexington company that reflects the initial values of the Miller family.


…..to provide our customers with predictable, reliable, quality repeat and one-time housecleaning! Every time!

We accomplish this by employing high integrity people who are dedicated, dependable, hard-working, professional and motivated! We couldn’t achieve our mission without them!

We train our team using the best techniques and products in the house cleaning industry.


Integrity is number one! We will say what we do and do what we say!

Respect is number two!  We work to show respect to our customers and team at all times! 

Consistency is number three! Success is neither magical nor mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals (J. Rohn)

Flexibility is number four!  The measure of intelligence is the ability to change (A. Einstein).

Growth and Development is number five!  Dare to pursue a meaningful dream. We believe in growing personally and professionally.  Always learning new things, continuously improving, expanding our knowledge and taking time to care for each other including our customers, our team and the people in our personal lives.  


  • Residential cleaning, it’s what we do, its all we do!
  • We are a local company who can take the time that your home deserves.
  • We clean with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to provide a less toxic environment for your family and the world.
  • We treat our customers with kindness and respect.
  • Single family homes, condos, apartments, no home is too large or small! We will even clean your professional office too!
  • We love our local community of Lexington and give back to it regularly. Ask about our current projects! We are also a proud partner with Cleaning For A Reason, providing FREE cleanings for families affected by cancer. 


Our customers do not keep asking us back week after week because they are obligated to us!  They do it because we have earned it. They have come to rely on us for:

  • Reliable, predictable, repeat quality cleanings
  • Sparkling bathrooms, kitchens and floors
  • One-time house cleaning needs
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Professional, Friendly, Uniformed Staff

Join our REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM. If you love us, tell your friends and family about us and earn some FREE cleaning time!  Call our office or email us to learn more about how this works.  Referrals from our wonderful customers have been our best marketing! You don’t need to be a customer to join this program.