Our Team

Sherry, Operations Manager
(Since November 2015)

Sherry came to Top Mops with extensive management experience in cleaning services. She also holds an associate degree in Business Administration.

Not only does Sherry know and understand the technical aspects of running a cleaning business, she also cares about people and has a desire to provide clients with excellent services. “I love the feeling of providing a service they’ll enjoy.” She also believes a clean house gives people “a good feeling and contributes to a happy life.”

Sherry has an early memory of cleaning a house for an elderly couple with ailing health. She stills remembers the joy on their faces when the job was done.

Rachel, Cleaning Technician
(Since August 2016)

For years, Rachel has grown in her appreciation for a clean home. Growing up with 8 siblings, Rachel’s mother taught the children to take care of the house from a young age. “My mom gave each of the kids particular areas of the house to take care of”, says Rachel. “When I was 6 years old, my job was to fold the rags, fold the towels, organize the kitchen items, and pick up the family room.”

When Rachel was 13, she began cleaning independently for family and friends, before cleaning more full-time throughout high-school and college. Throughout all her cleaning experiences, Rachel has come to understand the power of a clean home. “Cleaning and organizing has always brought calm to chaos for me”, says Rachel. “A clean space allows you to be productive and think clearly.” Rachel hopes to bring this same feeling to your home.

Katelynne, Operation’s Assistant
(Since September 2015)

Being homeschooled, Katelynne learned how to clean a house at a very young age. “Once a week we had a cleaning class.” Since those early years, she’s been actively involved in the professional cleaning business.

Katelynne’s current roles are Client Scheduler and Assistant to the Operation’s Manager. In both of these roles, one responsibility is helping the Top Mops team ensure quality cleaning. In her role, Katelynne attempts to put herself in the clients’ shoes and look at their homes through their lenses. She knows from personal experience the good feeling they’ll get when their homes sparkle. “When my house is clean, I feel happier and organized,” she reflects. “It’s the best feeling when your house is clean!” She wants Top Mops clients to the share this feeling.

Bethany, Cleaning Technician

(Since October 2015)

Bethany, was born in Maryland and moved to Lexington, KY with her family. At a young age, she had the opportunity to help in her family’s restoration cleaning business. Bethany has always been determined to do her best at whatever she does. She takes pride in her work, and finds satisfaction in cleaning. She says, “A clean house makes for happy people. “ A favorite childhood memory: “I got my very own vacuum for Christmas and then helped clean my Grandmom’s house.” In addition to cleaning, she has worked with kids in a pre-school/daycare and coached a middle school girls basketball team.

Brianna, Cleaning Technician

(Since January 2016)

Brianna along with her family moved from Maryland to Lexington, Kentucky. She is the middle child of a large family. Brianna, along with her siblings, were homeschooled but also took classes at a private school to be able to participate in playing basketball and softball. She remembers having a “cleaning class” with her siblings once a week. Brianna enjoys providing her clients with a clean and stress-free home.

Brianna enjoys drawing, spending time with her siblings and being an assistant basketball coach for her younger sister’s team.

Anna, Cleaning Technician
(Since August 2014)

Originally from West Virginia, Anna moved to the Central Kentucky area to study Spanish and Christian missionary training at Asbury University. After her time at the university, she became connected to Top Mops. During her time as a member of the Top Mops team, Anna has seen the impact a clean home can have on people in everyday life. “A clean home”, says Anna, “is much more comfortable to live in and enables a person to think more clearly. When I am finished cleaning a room, I feel satisfied and at rest knowing that someone will greatly benefit from a job well done.”

Paige, Cleaning Technician
(Since May 2016)

Paige is previously from New Hampshire, and move to Kentucky when she was a young girl. Paige’s Grandmother started her own cleaning service and at a young age Paige learned to maintain a clean & organized home.

My thoughts on cleaning: “Cleaning is a way to relieve stress. Having a clean & organized home really represents who I am and what I like to do.” In her spare time, Paige enjoys being creative with painting and drawing.

Chelsea, Cleaning Technician

(Since January 2017)

Chelsea previsouly lived in Frankfort, Kentucky and attended Eastern Kentucky University for a period of time. She has just recently moved to Lexington with her two sisters and is enjoying getting to know the area.

Chelsea has previous experience cleaning on her own and as a home health care aid. She has the gift of attention to detail and a warming smile. What Chelsea loves about cleaning: ” I love the feeling of completing a task, seeing the before and after is rewarding. A clean house is peaceful. Without cleanliness you have chaos.”