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Top Mops Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that serves households in Central Kentucky, including Lexington, KY. Our wide range of house cleaning and maid services are designed to ensure that your home is always clean, hygienic, and welcoming. With our experienced and well-trained team of cleaners, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of cleanliness that you deserve.

We understand that keeping your home clean and healthy can be a daunting task, especially when you have a busy schedule. Therefore, we offer one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning services that cater to your unique needs. You can rely on us to handle all your cleaning needs while you focus on the things that matter most to you.

At Top Mops Cleaning, we believe that a clean home equals a healthy home. That’s why we are committed to providing you with a healthier and cleaner living environment. Our team of cleaners pays close attention to detail, ensuring that every corner of your home is thoroughly cleaned. We are dedicated to providing complete satisfaction with our services.

As the premier provider of house cleaning and maid services in Central Kentucky, we take pride in our exceptional services. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and enjoy the benefits of having a professionally cleaned home.


One-Time Cleaning

One-time cleanings are perfect for seasonal deep cleans, in preparation for a holiday or special event, or for moving in/out of your home.



Recurring Cleaning

Never clean again and keep your home in tip-top shape with our recurring cleaning services available weekly, bi-weekly or every 4-weeks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Top Mops Cleaning Service?2021-01-06T13:34:32-05:00
  • Residential cleaning: it’s what we do, its all we do!
  • We are a local company who can take the time that your home deserves.
  • We clean with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to provide a less toxic environment for your family and the world.
  • We treat our customers with kindness and respect.
  • Single family homes, condos, apartments, no home is too large or small! We will even clean your professional office too!
  • We love our local community of Lexington and give back to it regularly. Ask about our current projects! We are also a proud partner with Cleaning For A Reason, providing FREE cleanings for families affected by cancer.
How often should I have my home cleaned?2021-01-06T12:01:05-05:00

How often you should have your home cleaned depends on various factors including how many people and pets live in your home and how much “straightening up” you do throughout the course of a week.  Our most popular service is weekly, but we also offer bi-weekly, monthly and one-time cleaning.

How much does it cost to get my house cleaned?2021-01-06T11:57:43-05:00

The cost to clean your home is based upon the square footage, the level of service and the frequency if you choose a recurring cleaning service.  Call our office to get an estimate based on your cleaning needs.

Why are some cleaning services cheaper than others?2021-01-06T11:48:43-05:00

Because they should be! You can hire a very inexpensive, non-professional cleaner who can easily undercut the professional cleaning market. How do they do it? Many of these so called “trunk slammers” aren’t bonded and insured. Some of them don’t report and pay sales taxes, workers’ compensation, and payroll taxes. Our hiring practices are guided by applicable federal, state, and local labor standards and we pride ourselves in offering a living wage to all our team members.

Is Top Mops Cleaning Service bonded and insured?2021-01-06T11:48:19-05:00

Absolutely! Your safety and protection is a top priority. If your property should ever be damaged in the cleaning process, we are insured to protect your interests. You should also know, however, that we have implemented quality-oriented training with our cleaning technicians in order to minimize the likelihood of property damage.

Who provides the cleaning supplies?2021-01-06T11:41:26-05:00

We provide most cleaning supplies, ones that have been proven to be highly effective and “green” in the cleaning industry. If you have a specific cleaning product that you prefer, please have it accessible to us when we arrive.

Are my things safe with your employees?2023-05-09T13:02:28-04:00

We conduct criminal background checks on every prospective employee, we verify job history, and conduct employment verifications. We rank your protection and safety at the top of our business priorities.

Should I tip my cleaning techs?2021-01-06T11:38:56-05:00

Our cleaning technicians appreciate tips, but it’s not required. If you choose to tip, a suggested range is 10 to 15% of the fee. Please leave the tip separate from your check for service in the form of cash or a check made out to your Cleaning Tech along with a note letting them know that the money or check is for them. Call the office if you wish to add a tip to your credit card payments.

What if I am not satisfied?2021-01-06T11:37:40-05:00

Our work is 100% guaranteed.  We want you to create more free time for you and not cause difficulties for you but we are human.  If you are not satisfied, please call us as soon as possible and tell us!  If you call us within 24 hours of the cleaning appointment, we will send someone out to reassess and re-clean the unsatisfactory area. Our reputation is dependent on your satisfaction and we take it seriously!

A little history about Lexington, KY.

Lexington is a city located in the heart of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, in the United States. The area that is now Lexington was first inhabited by the Shawnee people, who were forcibly removed from the area in the early 1800s.

In 1775, the city was founded by a group of frontiersmen led by William McConnell, who named it after the Battle of Lexington in Massachusetts. The city quickly became a center of commerce, with a bustling downtown and a thriving horse industry. In fact, Lexington is often called the “Horse Capital of the World,” due to its central role in the breeding and racing of thoroughbred horses. After the war, the city continued to grow and prosper, becoming a hub for manufacturing and industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the 20th century, Lexington saw significant growth and development, with the establishment of the University of Kentucky in 1865 and the expansion of its medical center in the mid-20th century. The city also became a cultural center, with a thriving arts scene, and is home to numerous museums, theaters, and galleries.

Today, Lexington continues to be a vibrant and growing city, with a population of over 300,000 people. It is known for its scenic beauty, with rolling hills and lush greenery, as well as its friendly people, excellent dining, and unique local attractions.

Top Mops Cleaning provides professional house cleaning and maid services throughout the Central Kentucky including the Lexington zip code 40361, 40502, 40503, 40504, 40505, 40506, 40507, 40508, 40509, 40510, 40511, 40513, 40514, 40515, 40516, 40517.

Things to do and know.

  1. Lexington is known as the “Horse Capital of the World” due to its central role in the breeding and racing of thoroughbred horses. Visitors can take a tour of some of the top horse farms in the area, such as the famous Claiborne Farm or the historic Keeneland Race Course.
  2. The Mary Todd Lincoln House is located in Lexington and was the childhood home of the wife of President Abraham Lincoln. The house is now a museum that provides a glimpse into the life and times of the Lincolns in the mid-19th century.
  3. The Lexington Distillery District is a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, bars, and distilleries. Visitors can take a tour of the historic Town Branch Distillery or sample some of the best bourbon in the area at the Barrel House Distillery.
  4. The Kentucky Theater is a historic movie theater that first opened in 1922. It has been beautifully restored and now shows a mix of classic and contemporary films.
  5. The Lexington Arboretum is a beautiful park filled with walking trails, gardens, and educational exhibits. It’s a great place to spend a sunny afternoon exploring the natural beauty of the Bluegrass region.

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