There are around 5 million small businesses in the United States that are family-owned.

With mammoth corporations like Google, Facebook, and even mid-size corporations that are a part of capitalistic America, it can be hard to start a family-owned business.

A family-owned cleaning company has to compete against corporations. But it’s important to remember that a small business is just as professional and offers just as good services as a corporation.

If you’re unsure if you should hire a family-owned company, here are ten reasons that show why you should hire a family-owned cleaning company.

1. They Are More Affordable

Sometimes a family-owned cleaning business is more affordable than hiring a corporation. Some corporations will charge a higher fee for whatever service because they have the marketing budget to chase higher-priced clients.

However, just because a small local business is cheaper doesn’t mean they offer less valuable services. Some businesses don’t have as much overhead and don’t need to charge top dollar.

Other small businesses are cheaper because they are unbonded and uninsured, meaning you won’t get good service. This is why you should look to support small businesses that are professional.

2. They Are Professional

Another reason you should hire a small business is that they are just as professional as corporations.

They don’t undercut their work. In fact, small businesses know what it means to prioritize the customer experience. They sometimes put a higher focus on the customer experience because they know they don’t have the marketing budget or outreach like corporations have.

Small businesses have to be just as much or more professional than their competitors because every customer experience is important.

3. They Offer Flexibility

Since they are family-owned, some small businesses can be more flexible. They may offer some flexibility and not be rigid if you have to cancel a service.

This can help you out if you think you need to cancel a service or reschedule. Some family-owned businesses are more flexible because they choose to be and are not bound by corporate regulations and rules.

4. They Are More Personal

Another important factor to consider if you are hiring a family-owned business is that they can be more personal.

In some cases, if you hire a family-owned business, the owner and sometimes their adult children will come out and perform a particular service. This makes it more personal and trustworthy.

In addition, sometimes a family-owned business will also go out of its way to meet you and make sure everything is in order if you hire them for a cleaning service or something else.

You don’t always get personal with a corporation. You get employees who just want to work and go home, and just care less about the customer.

5. You Are Supporting a Local Business

Supporting a local business is always a reason to hire a family-owned cleaning business. You want to show your support for a local business that may only receive revenue from foot-traffic.

Some local businesses don’t have the budget to spend on a luxurious website or a huge marketing plan. When you support a local business, you are showing your support for their business and what they are trying to do in the community.

6. They Are More Trustworthy

When you hire a family-owned business, you will often get a business that is more trustworthy than a corporation.

For example, if you live in a local city and know the family that owns a business you want to hire, then it’s more likely that you trust them.

You know what they stand for and who is a part of their team.

7. They Want to Understand You

Another reason to hire a family-owned cleaning business is because of how personal they are. They want to understand what you want and give you something that offers a personal touch.

Personal service means they care about your well-being, they follow-up with you, and they make sure you have the best service. This is because they want you to tell other people around the community about their business.

8. Family-Owned Businesses Are Passionate About What They Do

If you hire a family-owned business, you may notice how passionate some of the business owners are about what they do.

It may be a lifelong dream of the owner to have a restaurant or some sort of business. You can see this passion if you are talking with the owner about their business and what they can offer you.

9. They Have Strong Values

You’ll also discover that a lot of family-owned businesses don’t just have generic values, they have values that are family-centric.

They have values that tie into the community and how they want to serve the community around them.

10. You’re Supporting Local Entrepreneurship

Lastly, you should support family-owned businesses because it shows your support for local entrepreneurs.

You want to show your support for people who want to open a small business by helping it thrive. It encourages other entrepreneurs to start a business in your local city as well by showing that they have the support of the community.

Now You Know Why You Should Hire a Family-Owned Cleaning Company

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a family-owned business. You should hire them because they are different from corporate America. They are different because they are doing something in your city that they are passionate about.

When you hire a family-owned company, you are showing your support for a local business. You are showing that you trust them, that you believe in their values, and that they deserve your business.

If you want to hire a family-owned cleaning service, you can do that here by getting a quote.