Many homeowners endanger the lives of their babies and pets without knowing it. A common way they do that is by using chemical-based cleaning products.

Chemical-based cleaning products contain substances toxic to pets and babies, such as ammonia, potassium hydroxide, etc. Homeowners, therefore, need to substitute their chemical cleaning agents for all-natural alternatives.

Also, homeowners can save money making non-chemical products at home. Most chemical-based cleaning agents are rather expensive from supermarkets.

Besides, it is not uncommon for pets and babies to eat food from the floor. If you clean your floor with ammonia, then the food will mix with the chemical. The chemical causes a burning sensation in the throat and stomach of babies and pets.

So when you visit a shop, ensure that cleaning agents are kid and pet safe. You will do that by looking at the list of ingredients. Here is a guide to assist you in getting six kid and pet safe cleaning agents that work perfectly.

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is convenient because it is an all-purpose cleaner. Apart from cleaning surfaces like windows, drawers, and floors, you can also shower with them.

You can choose to use it as it is or dilute it with water. There is no recommended way of using it.

Additionally, it is non-toxic. It is, after all, used to spice up pet meals, thereby making it a pet safe product for ingestion.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, white vinegar doesn’t leave behind any residue. Most residues left behind by the chemical cleaning agents are toxic, especially when food interacts with them.

2. Hypoallergenic Dish Soaps

Some dish soaps trigger allergic reactions, such as skin rashes. Skin rashes tend to be swollen, itchy and painful. Substances in soaps that trigger allergies include acids, aluminum compounds, and sulfates.

Children are more likely to be affected by allergy-inducing dish soaps than pets. This is because they actively help out with the chores in the house when they wash the dishes.

Hypoallergenic dish soaps are therefore soaps that cause minimal to zero allergies.

You can acquire the soap by buying them from health stores or by making one from home yourself. Whether you decide to buy or make one, bear in mind that hypoallergenic soaps contain minimal colorings, chemicals, and fragrances.

3. All-Purpose Surface Wipes

Sometimes you visit a place with your child or pet, and you cannot access a cloth. For instance, your child or pet may have food all over their faces after eating. The next cleaning alternative you may think of is using surface wipes.

Like its name, the wipes are used to clean pans, tables, fridges, keyboards, etc.

Surfaces wipes are kid and pet-friendly since they do not contain ammonia, bleach, or sulfates. You can thus freely use it to clean surfaces and your pets and children.

4. Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate soda is one of the inexpensive cleaning agents you can acquire. It is, after all, a popular cooking product in homes.

If you need to clean out stubborn stains from a carpet, then bicarbonate soda is the answer. All you will need to do is to sprinkle it on your stained carpet overnight. The following day when you vacuum up the baking soda, the stains will come off.

Pets spend most of their time on carpets. If you cleaned your carpet using chemical-based cleaners, then there is a chance your pet can inhale or ingest some of the chemicals. You would be exposing it to respiratory diseases as a result.

Apart from cleaning away stains, it gets rid of pet odors from urine, for instance. Comparatively, a lot of chemical-based cleaners are ineffective in fighting off bad smells despite cleaning well.

5. Plant-Based Detergents

Chemical detergents, like dish soaps, contain substances that can trigger skin irritations such as sulfates and fragrances. On the other hand, plant-based detergents do not contain these substances hence making them safe to use around your children and pets.

To fight off stains, plants contain a type of sugar called alkyl polyglucoside. The plant-based sugar combines with the stain and dissolves it.

Plant-based detergents are also safe because they are biodegradable. It easily dissolves and breaks down without leaving residue. As earlier noted, residue can be harmful to pets and babies when ingested.

6. Lemon Juice

Lemons contain citric acid, which makes them antiseptic and antibacterial cleaning agents. They also have a pleasant smell. A lemon is practically natural bleach without the unpleasant smell and unfriendly chemicals.

People use lemon juice to clean their surfaces in so many different ways.

Some people cannot withstand the smell of vinegar. Lemon juice is mixed with vinegar to neutralize its smell. Apart from neutralizing the smell, the mixture makes for a more potent cleaning agent.

You can also sprinkle it onto your white clothes. After you sprinkle your clothes with the juice, you can hang them out to dry in the sun. The stains will disappear.

Also, you can sprinkle the juice on countertops. Later on, you can scrub the juice off with baking powder. Remember not to leave the juice for too long as it makes furniture sticky.

Being a fruit, it is non-toxic. You will not need to be concerned when your pet or baby licks off the lemon from a surface you want to clean on.

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