In 2021, the house cleaning and maid services market reached $347.420 billion globally. According to market prediction, this industry will reach $443.290 billion by 2028. This translates to a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% between 2022 and 2028.

There are various factors you must consider when hiring a maid service. First, you must ensure that you’re hiring certified cleaners.

Also, find out about the cleaning products used by your prospective maid services. Checking reviews and seeking references will help you get the best maid services.

There are various types of maid services that you can hire today. Here, we provide you with the different types of maid services.

Basic House Cleaning

These types of maid services involve your general house cleaning tasks. You can include areas like your kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and bedrooms in your list of house cleaning services.

Basic house cleaning tasks include vacuuming, polishing, mopping, and sweeping.

Deep/Spring Cleaning

Unlike basic house cleaning, spring cleaning is a bit more comprehensive. You should expect services like washing cabinets, polishing wood, and oven cleaning.

Other services under deep cleaning include vacuum upholstery and cleaning your ceiling fan blades. Deep cleaning is more recommendable to clients who haven’t had their house cleaned professionally for a long time.

Green Cleaning Services

Usually, these types of maid services involve abiding by environmental-friendly cleaning practices. These practices encompass using safe cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Besides, these products must be safe for you and the environment. While this is a service on its own, it can also be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

One would argue that ceiling and wall cleaning are part of the general house cleaning maid services. Still, they’re also specialty services individually.

Ceiling and wall cleaning services include dirt, oil, and grim removal from walls and ceilings. Besides cleanliness, you enjoy better lighting and improve family health.

Curtain Cleaning

These maid services may include both onsite and off-site cleaning methods. Usually, your onsite curtain cleaning method involves dry cleaning.

Onsite cleaning is mostly recommended for its convenience to the client. For instance, your maid won’t rehang or take down the curtains.

Also, onsite cleaning is gentle on your curtain fabric and provides superior cleaning.

Carpet and Upholstery Maid Services

There are various types of services to expect with your carpet cleaning. For example, you should expect steam cleaning, carpet repairs, stain, and odor eradication.

Upholstery cleaning is another type of maid service that involves cleaning the fabric on your furniture. Your maid will pre-treat your fabric material and rinse it with clean water.

Blind and Chimney Cleaning

Whether PVC Venetian, wooden or aluminium blinds in your home can attract dust. Therefore, seeking this specialty maid service is essential.

Ensure your cleaner uses the right equipment and becomes comfortable when taking down and rehanging them.

Your chimney cleaning service will include remodels, inspections, and fireplace cleaning. Other services may include chimney relining, repairs, and chimney sweeping.

Chimney sweeping is essential in preventing soot build-up, which can be a fire hazard.

Pressure Washing

These types of maid services involve using a jet washer to provide a powerful water stream. This water stream helps to remove dirt and clean surfaces.

Pressure washing services entail paint removal, restoration, and maintenance. Your cleaner can also provide other add-on cleaning services such as gutter and roof cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Here, you expect thorough cleaning of your windows’ interior and exterior. You can request window cleaning maid services for your residential and commercial needs.

Also, find out if your cleaning company uses window cleaning software to manage its operation. Your cleaner may provide additional services like screen repairs and gutter cleaning for extra revenue when the workflow is low.

Janitorial Maid Services

These cleaning services encompass the monitored maintenance and cleaning of schools, businesses, and huge office spaces. Your cleaning company must concentrate on building a professional team of efficient janitors.

That way, you’re guaranteed to get the best maid services. The kind of services you should expect include sweeping, mopping, and taking out the trash.

The general building maintenance practices include changing light bulbs and mending broken doors.

Full-Time Housekeeper

Usually, a full-time housekeeper will have a different relationship with clients than maids who work for an hour or two. In most cases, these individuals will feel like part of your family.

Also, full-time housekeepers will often stay for many years working for you, especially if they find the perfect fit. These types of maid services include more duties than a maid who only comes to do your cleaning.

There are many benefits of having a full-time housekeeper. Still, you’ll incur higher costs than it’d be in the case of a traditional cleaner.

Medical Cleaning Services

Clinics and hospitals should have very high standards of cleanliness. So, medical cleaning is highly specialized as far as cleanliness is a matter of concern.

Ensure your cleaner has the right cleaning products and supplies before hiring their services. You must also make sure your cleaner follows the required cleaning practices.

Sports and School Cleaning

These types of maid services get provided to sports facilities like gyms. Sporting facilities can make perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and the spread of germs.

Your cleaner not only cleans but also sanitizes all your sporting equipment, floors, and surfaces. School cleaning services work for both private and public schools.

Your cleaner will clean the floors, classrooms, tables, desks, and bathrooms.

Hiring Maid Services

There are many benefits of maids. Still, you must consider affordability when hiring a maid.

The price of your maid services will vary depending on various factors. These can include the location of the company, the number of rooms in your house, and the types of maid services you need.

With the above-mentioned types of maid services, you can choose the one that matches your needs.

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