Top Mops Cleaning is known for being an excellent provider of reliable, dependable, repeat cleanings for our customers.  That means we use lots of cleaning solutions and do lots of wiping! In order to minimize a negative effect on the environment, on our customers and on our Cleaning Techs, we do our best to use a eco-friendly approach for all our recurring appointments. Our favorite things to use for maintenance cleaning are an all-purpose cleaner, Red Juice, a glass cleaner, Blue Juice, and our microfiber cloths. This cleaning approach is safe for our customers and our Cleaning Techs.  

Our all-purpose cleaner, Red Juice, is eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic and a degreaser. Red Juice  is environmental perfection! Ingredients include seaweed and soybean extracts, palm kernels, palm oils.  Absolutely NO petrochemicals (unlike many leading brands in the “green cleaning” space).  It’s also USDA A-1 rated for use around food!  Red Juice is tough on grime, yet non-toxic, odor-free, biodegradable and pH neutral (making it safe on marble, granite, and other natural stone surfaces).  We use Red Juice on counter tops, molding, doors, and a jillion other surfaces in your home. 

There are times, of course, when we need to cut through tough dirt, grease and grime.  When that happens, we try to use the least scented, and the least toxic cleaners possible to care for the environment, our customers and our Cleaning Techs.