Is it time to clean your bathroom?

No one loves this part of your routine cleaning sessions. Even if your bathroom stays clean, it somehow feels like the dirtiest part of the home, especially if you have a large family.

It doesn’t have to be painful. There are a few bathroom cleaning tips that you can use to make the work quick and easy so you can get back to the things you want to do.

Keep reading for a few of our top tips for cleaning a bathroom.

1. Clean Often

The first and most helpful tip that we can give you is that you should be cleaning as often as possible. We know that cleaning the bathroom is a drag, but if you keep it up, it stays easy.

There are a few ways that you should do this.

First, clean as you go. Do you struggle with leaving out your skincare, grooming tools, or makeup when you’re either getting ready for your day or getting ready for bed?

Make it a habit to put things away after you use them, even if it means that you need to make a few more minutes of time in your routine until you get the hang of it.

It’s a good idea to put easy-to-access storage around your sink or vanity so you have somewhere to put your things even when you don’t have time to organize them.

Aside from cleaning as you go, make sure that you clean your bathroom at least once per week (more if you have a larger household or you’re prone to messiness).

You won’t have to scrub your bathroom as often if you’re getting rid of dirt and grime as soon as it forms.

2. Declutter First

Before you start cleaning, declutter the whole room. Don’t go space by space.

Do you keep laundry on the floor of your bathroom? Put it in the hamper and put the hamper somewhere else until you clean the room. This makes the space look cleaner, makes it easier to identify problem areas when they’re not covered, and it makes the cleaning process go by fast.

It’s a good idea to take everything off of the bathroom counter when you do this, even if it’s not clutter. Jewelry boxes, makeup bags, hairdryers, and everything else that has a space on your counter should go until after you clean.

3. Time It Out

When it’s time to start cleaning, do everything in a way that makes sense. Sometimes this means working in rotation.

Always clean the rest of the room before you clean the floor. You want to make sure that any water or debris that gets onto the floor while you’re cleaning will get swept or mopped away when you’re done. On that note, mop last so you don’t have to deal with a wet floor.

After you pour your cleaning solution into your toilet, move onto your shower or tub, and then the countertop or sink, until it’s time to rinse it out.

When you work this way, you won’t have too much downtime between each area of the bathroom. By the time you’ve made a full first rotation, your toilet will be ready to rinse.

4. Drain the Toilet

You don’t have to do this every time you clean, but if you’re dealing with stubborn grime, it’s a good idea to drain your toilet bowl for a deep cleaning session.

There are some things that normal cleaners can’t remove when the bowl is full of water.

Whether you’re dealing with pesky stuck-on grime or residue from hard water, it’s frustrating trying to remove it and it makes your toilet look dirty even when it isn’t. You’ll scrub and scrub to no avail.

Drain the toilet, don some gloves, and attack the grime with a sponge. It’s far easier clean this way.

5. Surface Clean, Then Deep Clean

When it’s time to really get in and get rid of dirt, grime, and bacteria, you want to surface clean first. This gets all of the visible dirt and residue out of the way so it’s easier to see the grime that’s hiding.

Common places that might need a deep cleaning session are the toilet bowl, the faucets, the drains, and the cabinets under the sink. When was the last time you checked your drains for hair? Get that out of the way.

You can also take this time to disinfect. If someone in the home was sick recently, you want to make sure that there are no lingering bacteria or viruses hanging around.

6. Take Advantage of Your Plumbing

This one might sound simple, but too many people get so swept up in the cleaning process that they forget how convenient it is to clean a room with accessible plumbing.

If you can, use a removable showerhead to rinse off areas that you’ve finished cleaning. A standard showerhead will work for the shower or bath itself. Rinse off your bath mats and lay them in the tub to dry.

7. Keep It Simple

There are all kinds of cleaning products and special brushes that you can use to clean up your bathroom, but you don’t need most of them. In most situations, you can get your bathroom clean and sanitary with nothing more than an all-purpose cleaner, white vinegar, bleach, and a double-sided sponge.

Save money and space by using what you have available before seeking out specialized products when cleaning a house.

These Bathroom Cleaning Tips Make Cleaning Easy

Next time you wonder how to clean a bathroom, use these bathroom cleaning tips and see if it makes the task quicker. With a few simple products, a good cleaning rotation, and regular upkeep, you never have to deal with a filthy bathroom again.

Do you need help with that initial deep clean? Why not hire a professional? A clean bathroom makes your entire home feel fresher, and a professional cleaner will do the job efficiently. Get a quote today!