A house may appear clean and organized, but lurking deep within the closets is mess and clutter! It’s not uncommon to start placing random items in your closet to keep them out of sight. You may use your closet for your shoes and clothes but also for storing other various items. Over the years, the clutter begins to pile up as you continue to toss everything in your closet. Closets are great for hiding messy situations, but your closet deserves proper housekeeping for organization and cleanliness as well.

When you have a clean and organized closet, you can quickly grab what you need from it and stop feeling stressed out every time you open the door.

If your closet has begun to overflow, then it’s time to start closet cleaning! With all the best organization tips and tricks, you’ll clean your closet in no time. To get started on the process, continue reading below.

Purchase Organizers

A great starting point is to measure your closet and then purchase organizers. There are many different closet organizers you can purchase. You can even have one built into your closet if desired.

If you don’t have the room for something like this, then don’t panic. There are plenty of other options as well. For example, you can hang a shoe rack on the back of the closet door or from the shelving.

You can also purchase storage bins, baskets, and other types of small storage solutions to hold various items in. Consider placing a cubby unit under the area where you hang your clothes to hold shoes, purses, or folded clothes. The more storage solutions you have, the better organized you can be.

Use a Small Dresser and Clothes Rack

Do you have too many clothes to fit on the clothing rack installed in your closet? Most closets don’t offer enough rack space, so this is common. To give yourself more room for your clothes, you can put a small dresser in the closet.

You can also put a free-standing clothing rack in the closet as well. If needed, then you can simply wheel the clothing rack out of the closet to go through your clothes. Once you decide what type of storage solutions you need in your closet, you can then begin the cleanout process.

Remove Everything

Start the cleaning process by removing everything from inside the closet. That’s right, absolutely everything! Don’t leave anything behind. You want a clear space for you to properly clean the closet.

If you have a large number of items in your closet, then this can become overwhelming. To relieve some of the stress, you can break the work down into sections. For example, start by removing all items from the shelving in the closet.

Once you’re done with that section, then you can move on to removing all of the clothes hanging on the rack, and so on.

Get Rid of Items

Once you remove all of the items from your closet, it’s time to get rid of things. You don’t want to put anything back inside your closet that you don’t need, want, or use. Now is the time to go through everything and either keep it, toss it, or donate/sell it.

To make this process easier, you can create three piles for each option. Once you’ve gone through everything, toss out your trash pile and move your donate/sell pile to another location (inside a bag or box). Hopefully, the amount of items you’re putting back into the closet is much smaller now.

Deep Clean the Closet

Before you start putting those items back, stop to deep clean the closet. Clean from top to bottom, dusting the light fixture and wiping down the shelving until eventually scrubbing the walls and baseboards and vacuuming the carpet. You want to closet to be sparkling clean before you place any of your items back inside of it.

Group Similar Items Together

Now that you’re ready to start putting things back, make sure everything has a place. You can sort your belongings by placing similar items together. Use your storage bins and baskets to hold these similar items.

Place your shoes in the shoe cubby and fold clothes neatly to fit inside the small dresser. Put things in an order that makes sense for you. Think about what items you use the most and which items can be stored out of the way for now.

Create a Labeling System

To help you stay organized, you can create a labeling system. A labeling system will help you recognize what’s what and help you find what you need quicker. After purchasing your storage bins, make sure to label each one.

Even if you’re using clear bins, it still helps to have a label that tells you the contents inside the bin. For example, if you want to store your winter sweaters in a large bin, then place all of them together and label the bin, “winter sweaters.” Place the label on the side of the bin that you see when walking into your closet.

Do this for every bin.

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