The average size of a single-family house in America is 2,261 square feet. This is a lot of space to keep clean on a daily basis!

If you find it challenging to keep on top of your house cleaning, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Hiring a weekly maid service to take care of your house can give you back valuable time you spend on cleaning.

Anyone from busy parents to people who hate cleaning can benefit from this service. Here are ten signs it may be time to hire a weekly cleaning service to help keep your house spotless!

1. You Work Full Time

Working a full-time job leaves little time for anything else. Add in family responsibilities and it’s easy to put cleaning the house on the back burner.

When you walk in the door after a long day, the last thing you’ll want to do is break out the vacuum cleaner. Hiring a weekly maid service to take care of the big stuff will keep your house sparkling.

2. Tasks Are Getting Skipped

Although you don’t need to do a deep clean weekly, you need to stay on top of certain things or your house can feel messy.

There are certain household cleaning tasks you need to do each day to keep your house from feeling dirty. Cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and keeping the house generally clean are important cleaning tasks to keep on top of.

If you find yourself skipping even these basic tasks, it’s time to ask for help. Hiring a weekly cleaning service can keep all the tasks on your list completed. They can also help you figure out what tasks you can tackle yourself and which ones are better left to them.

3. You’re Stressed by the Mess

Having a house that isn’t organized can impact your mental health. When a home is out of control, your stress levels can increase.

If a house is very messy, it can be stressful to decide where to start the cleaning process. This leads into a vicious cycle of never wanting to clean up.

When you hire a weekly cleaning service, everything will have a place. Your home will once again be a location where you can relax and recharge, which can be hard to do with clutter around.

4. There Is a Lack of Cleaning Supplies

Doing a truly deep clean of your house requires a lot of different cleaning tools. Having everything on hand to keep your home sparkling is expensive and would take up a lot of space in your cabinets and closets.

A cleaning service comes with cleaning tools most people wouldn’t have themselves. This means you’re getting a deeper clean without needing to store anything yourself!

5. You’re Unable to Clean

Cleaning a house is a physical task. The bending, kneeling, and other movements required to clean can be taxing on the body.

If your body isn’t moving the way it used to, cleaning your house can be an impossible task. Hiring a weekly cleaning service can take this physically demanding item off of your plate.

6. Your Closets Are Full to the Brim

Take a look in your closets. Have they become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items? This is usually a tell-tale sign it’s time to hire a maid service.

When a maid service keeps the rest of your house organized, you’ll have more room to put your things away. Professionals can also give you tricks on how to store different items. This will help to keep your closets clutter-free and ready for their intended storage items.

7. You Don’t Have Visitors Over

If your house is a mess, you’re not likely to want people over. A cluttered house is hard to entertain in.

A weekly cleaning means you don’t need to worry about having an unexpected visitor stop by. Your house will always be clean for whenever you want to host!

8. You’re Allergies Won’t Go Away

Do you find yourself constantly wheezing and sneezing when you’re at home? If you aren’t getting rid of all the dust when you clean, it could be making your allergies worse.

One of the benefits of a weekly maid service is how thorough the clean is. They’ll know how to get rid of mold, dust, and other debris that can irritate your nose and throat.

9. There’s a New Baby on the Way

Newborn babies are not known for sleeping, which means a lot of new parents are too tired to do much more than tend to their baby. Keeping a house in tip-top shape is the last thing on most exhausted parents’ minds during those first few months of parenthood. Hiring a weekly maid service will let parents focus on their new baby.

Are you looking for a creative baby shower gift to give? Have your friends and family chip in to have a cleaning service come for the first few months.

10. Cleaning Isn’t Your Cup of Tea

There’s nothing like stepping into an organized house, but not everyone likes the process it takes to get there.

If you find yourself half-heartedly cleaning or dreading the process, why keep doing it? People who hate to clean often will put it off, making the house more of a mess.

Hiring a cleaning service will take this chore off of your plate. You’ll be happier and have time to devote to something you enjoy.

Never Worry About a Messy House Again When You Hire a Weekly Maid Service!

A weekly maid service can be a lifesaver for almost anyone. When you know how to choose a weekly maid service, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable maid service, there’s nobody better than Top Mops Cleaning Service. Contact us today for your free cleaning quote!