Around 10% of households in the U.S. hire professional house cleaning companies for routine services. So you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re thinking about hiring a company for maid services.

Life is busy, and cleaning might not be the top thing you feel like doing. So while you can ignore your house-cleaning tasks and let your house get out of control, the better option is to hire a company to do the work for you.

You can choose what they clean when you hire a maid service for your house-cleaning tasks, and they’ll do what you ask.

However, you’ll have a few things to do to prepare for their arrival. Keep reading to learn about eight things you can do to prepare for your maid services.

1. Choose the Right Maid Services

Before you can start preparing your home for maid services, you’ll need to hire a company. You can search your area for house cleaning services and follow these tips to choose the best company.

A good company to hire possesses the following traits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable
  • Good reputation
  • Offers the services you need
  • Flexible
  • Timely

You’re free to interview a few companies before selecting one, and you can even ask for cleaning quotes. Additionally, you can research the companies to learn more about them.

2. Make a List of the Tasks for Them to Complete

Next, you might want to prepare a maid services checklist for them to follow when cleaning your home. After all, you’ll likely have expectations for the housekeeping services.

Leaving a list of tasks for them to focus on is one of the best ways to ensure that they complete the things you expect and want them to clean. You could use the same checklist or modify it based on what tasks your home needs.

For example, you might want them to clean your floors weekly, while they might only clean your windows once every other month. Providing a list ensures they know what you expect of them when they arrive.

3. Hide Personal Items

You can trust a reputable cleaning company in your home, but you should still hide your personal items. For example, you might not want to leave cash on your desk, as this isn’t a smart idea even with a trustworthy company.

Additionally, do you have private items in your bedroom that you wouldn’t want them to see? If so, you might want to put these items in a dresser drawer or closet before they arrive.

A cleaning company won’t rummage through your drawers unless you specifically ask them to clean them.

4. Move Your Clutter

While professional home cleaning companies can clear away clutter, most homeowners hire them for deep-cleaning tasks, such as dusting and mopping.

Therefore, you might want to work on clearing up your clutter before they arrive. Cleaning companies struggle to achieve the cleaning tasks for their clients when they have to fight their way through the clutter.

If possible, move your clutter out of the way before they arrive. For example, you could stuff it in a closet to deal with later or use some tips to find ways to eliminate your clutter for good.

5. Lock Up Your Pets

Cleaning companies don’t want to have pets in their way while performing the cleaning services. So, you should lock up your pets if you have any.

For example, you could put cats in a cage if you have cats in your home. Likewise, you might want to put your dog outside before they arrive.

If you don’t have any place to put your pets, you could always take them with you before leaving the house.

6. Wash Your Dishes

Another way to prepare for your housekeepers is by washing your dishes. Again, a cleaning company can do this for you, but most homeowners don’t want their maids to spend time doing this task.

So if you don’t want them to spend their time washing your dishes, you’ll need to do it before they come to your house.

Your dirty dishes will be in the way if you don’t wash them, and your house won’t look clean when they complete the services, even if they do everything else.

When completing this step, you might also want to look in the other rooms in your home for dirty dishes.

For example, does your teenager leave dirty bowls or glasses in their room? If so, you can gather and wash them as a way of preparing for your housekeeper.

7. Pick Up Your Clothes

Additionally, clothes you have lying around your house will also be in the way, so you might want to pick up all the clothing around your house.

You can put all the dirty laundry in the laundry room and put the clean clothes away. If you don’t have time to wash your clothes, you might ask the cleaning company if they offer this service.

Many professional cleaners will do laundry for their customers. However, they might charge an extra fee for the service.

8. Leave the House

The final way to prepare for maid services is by leaving the house. Of course, you can stay home while they clean. But, will you be in the way?

Cleaning companies can clean faster and better without interruptions. If you’re home, you might interrupt them or get in the way, causing it to take longer to complete the services.

Hire Maid Services to Reap the Benefits of a Clean House

Hiring maid services is the ideal solution if you can’t keep up with your housework. After all, they’ll come to your home and perform all the tasks you don’t have time to do.

Then, you’ll get to come home to a clean house!

Are you ready to learn more about our services at Top Mops? If so, request a free quote for cleaning services, and we’ll get back to you soon.