Did you know that the average homeowner spends around twelve days every year cleaning their house? Imagine how much gym time or NetFlix binge-watching we could get done if we had someone to clean our homes!

In fact, modern cleaning services are affordable, not a luxury, and a sensible option for most of us in our increasingly hectic lives.

But before hiring, ensure you know what to look for in the perfect cleaning company. To help you do that, here are some mistakes in hiring that you will want to avoid.

Not Checking the Company’s Location

Most people start searching for cleaning services through Google, though some people will discover businesses via ads on places like Facebook. So it’s natural that you’ll expect any cleaning companies to be local. But always check this.

Most cleaning companies only operate within a specific radius of their business premises. On the cleaning business website, you will generally get information on what areas they cover, but if you aren’t sure – ask!

It’s better to find this out early than progress with a quote only to discover that they either can’t serve your location or charge a premium to travel to your home.

Putting a Low Price Above Everything Else

We all want to get a great deal when buying any product or service. So it’s natural you’ll compare prices when shortlisting cleaning companies.

But while a price comparison is worthwhile, don’t allow yourself to fixate on cost at the expense of all the other criteria. Choosing the cheapest service isn’t always the best decision.

Always look in-depth at what services are included in that price. And if you want to check the quality, factor in reviews and testimonials when comparing cleaning fees too.

Not Asking for Service Detail in the Quote

We’ve already spoken about how to compare prices, but there is something else you’ll need to do when asking for a cleaning quote.

Always ask a cleaning company to provide a full breakdown of services when putting together a quote. If a company gives you a single headline number, don’t be afraid to go back to them and ask for more detail.

Hiring Friends or Family

If you casually mention you plan on hiring a cleaning company, you’ll often find people give you some recommendations. And while personal recommendations are helpful, there is one thing to avoid when choosing who to hire, and that’s picking friends or family.

The reason is simple. It’s unlikely a personal contact will be the best option for you. Plus, that existing relationship will make it harder for you to manage that relationship.

For example, if you aren’t happy with the quality of cleaning, would you feel comfortable complaining to a good friend or close relative?

Being Vague About Your Requirements

The best cleaning company will always look at exceeding expectations. Still, they can only do that if you set your expectations from the outset! Be specific about your requirements and write them down so you can share them before you hire a cleaning company.

Before hiring, do a walk around your home to show the team what you want them to clean and what cleaning tasks they should avoid (for example, you might want them to clean communal areas only).

That will help set expectations and save you money paying for cleaning tasks you don’t want the team to do.

You might also want to ask them if they have any processes in place for ensuring specific cleaning tasks get covered and checked by the team after each shift.

If you have a specific cleaning project rather than ongoing work, you’ll also need to write down the scope of work you need the cleaning company to complete.

In this scenario, you’ll want to add milestones and deadlines on top of the specific tasks you need, plus written quality criteria that you can sign off on at the end of the cleaning project to ensure everything is up to your expected standard.

Skipping a Phone or Face to Face Conversation

In the modern era, we tend to do a lot of communication via email because it’s so efficient. But it’s worth having a chat by phone or in person with a cleaning company before you sign a contract.

Doing so will help you cover any questions you have before they start. A reputable cleaning company will be happy to speak to you and address any questions or specific requests.

Not Checking Experience and References

You want to hire a company with plenty of cleaning experience and any specialist cleaning you need as part of the contract (for example, if you have antique furniture that requires socialist cleaning products).

In addition to screening for this experience when you choose a cleaning company, you should also ask for references to find out if other customers give a consistent account of a cleaning company that offers reliability and experience.

Another thing you might want to check before you hire a company is what customers have to say on independent review sites like Trustpilot.

Not Checking Licenses

There are no specific specialist licenses in the cleaning industry. However, you must ensure the cleaning company has a business license to operate in your state.

Not Checking Other Paperwork

Before finalizing a contract with a new cleaning company, always check that they have the proper paperwork for their business insurance. You’ll want to ensure that your house is fully covered in case of accidents or damage.

Not Signing a Contract

Always have a formal contract in place when hiring a professional cleaning company. Even if you have urgent cleaning tasks, you must still insist on having an agreement first signed by you and the cleaning company.

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