April 18th – 24, 2023 is Cleaning For A Reason week! Cleaning for a Reason, an initiative by ISSA Charities, is celebrating its annual Cleaning for a Reason Week. This philanthropic event spans over a week and aims to raise funds, increase awareness, and expand its efforts to partner with home cleaning companies, locate and assist more cancer patients, and create new fundraising initiatives in collaboration with ISSA member companies. The hallmark initiative provides free home cleaning services to cancer patients.

Top Mops Cleaning is proud to have been recognized as a Top 100 Cleaning Partner for 2022.  Since 2012, we have provided free house cleanings to people in Lexington, Kentucky who are battling cancer. It is our favorite way to care for our community! As partners with Cleaning For A Reason, Top Mops Cleaning donates cleanings for cancer patients free of charge!

To apply for free house cleanings, please learn more and apply here.

About Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit organization that was founded by American businesswoman Debbie Sardone, whose mother is a cancer survivor. The organization offers free house cleaning services to individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Since its inception in 2006, Cleaning for a Reason has provided free services worth over $14 million to more than 43,000 cancer families. The organization has a network of over 1,200 maid services.

Debbie Sardone was inspired to start the organization after receiving a phone call from a woman undergoing chemotherapy who was unable to pay for house cleaning services due to her cancer treatment. This motivated Sardone to form Cleaning for a Reason.

Each month, Cleaning for a Reason receives over 1,400 service requests and partners with businesses across the US and Canada to provide cancer patients with one complimentary cleaning every month for four months. The participating firms are insured and conduct background checks on their employees. Although the patients are not charged, the employees are compensated.

Individuals undergoing cancer treatment or hospice care in the US or Canada are eligible for free services, which include two monthly professional cleanings per matched patient. Residential cleaning firms are encouraged to become partners and provide these services to cancer patients in their communities during Cleaning for a Reason Week.

Learn more about Cleaning For A Reason.