Does your house look more like a winter trainwreck than a holiday sleigh? Are you thinking you could use some help with your holiday cleaning?

Many individuals find the holidays to be a stressful time. With all the shopping, cooking, and wrapping, you could really use some time with a nice bottle of wine and a good sitcom. Yet hiring help may seem indulgent at this time of year.

Believe it or not, those few days after the holidays are over are actually the perfect time to try out a new housekeeping company.

Here are the benefits of leaving your holiday cleanup to the pros.

Carpets And Floors

Let’s face it. Holidays aren’t often kind to floors, especially if you’ve been a host. Cranberry spills, appetizer crumbs, and oil drippings are just a few of the problems you’ll encounter.

With so many heavy-duty messes, a standard vacuum and mopping may not suffice. Your carpet may need a shampoo and your kitchen floor could also do with some extra TLC.

Carpet cleaning is a skill best left to the experts. Professional cleaning companies come with special tools like steamers with brushes, defoamers, and sprays. All of this can really add up and lead to waste if you don’t clean your carpets often.

When you invest in a professional cleaning service, however, you’ll be putting your money to good use. Not only will your carpets and floors get cleaned, but your cleaners can shine up the rest of your house as well.

If you want to restore your home to pre-holiday refinement, be sure to invest in a professional cleaning company.

Fridges and Ovens

Many cleaning companies offer appliance cleaning as a special or add-on service. The holidays are a wonderful time to take advantage of this.

We all know what happens when you’re roasting a ham with sauce or cooking your casserole too long. Grease drips onto the bottom of your oven and can become a fire hazard if it isn’t cleaned properly. You can also shorten the life of your stove if you don’t take care of it.

Similarly, your fridge has probably been housing lots of ingredients and leftovers throughout the holiday season. Some may have been forgotten and left stains on your shelves.

The right cleaning service can do a tip-top job of cleaning out these areas, including scrubbing, sanitizing, and shining. If you want your appliances to last and don’t have time to tackle them, it pays to hire a cleaning service just after the holidays.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

If you’ve been hosting out-of-town guests, chances are you’ll need to clean your bedrooms and bathrooms thoroughly. You’ll need to clean everything from comforters to switchplates to wastepaper baskets.

If you’re busy putting away gifts, writing thank-you notes, or decluttering, the thought of cleaning up after guests can be overwhelming. The good news is that many professional cleaning services offer to dust and sanitize as part of their recurring cleaning. Services like washing linens and making up beds can usually be added as an extra service.

Give yourself a break and a much-needed holiday gift by hiring someone who can do the work for you.

Post Event Clean-Up

Maybe you love to serve others and be the life of the party but feel overwhelmed when it’s over. Staring out over a dish full of plates or overflowing garbage cans can really put a damper on your evening.

Make your time carefree by hiring a few extra pairs of hands to help you clean up after your big soiree. You can rest and get back to your holiday obligations the next day.

New Year’s Resolution

Maybe you’ve decided your house is going to be cleaner in the new year. Give yourself a great start to your goal by hiring a company to help with your post-holiday cleanup.

A bonus of hiring someone over the holidays is that you can try them out and see if you’re ready to make a year-long commitment. Maybe you’d like to hire a cleaning service bi-monthly or weekly, and your post-holiday mess is a great way to do a test run. Start off the new year with a clean house and an excellent service that will keep your home organized, happy, and productive.

The Right Cleaning Service

Before you hire a cleaning service, ask for recommendations from friends or social media community groups. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Is the service punctual and efficient? Are the employees friendly and attentive? Were there ever any problems?

You can also read online reviews and see what former clients are saying. A number of similar positive comments can give you the confidence that you’re making the right decision.

The cost of cleaning service will depend upon a number of factors. These include the size of your home, its condition, and your geographical location.

Before hiring a company, get estimates from at least three local services. While the least expensive service may not always be the best choice, you’ll want to know that the price you’re paying isn’t unreasonable for your house type and neighborhood.

The Gift of Holiday Cleaning

If you feel more like a grinch than an elf when the holidays are over, you may want to give yourself the gift of professional holiday cleaning. With the right service, you could be singing a happy winter song in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about professional cleaning services now. For quality cleaners in the Lexington, KY area, contact us today.