Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that involves arranging items in your home to create balance. However, a messy room can kick your house out of harmony, leading to stress and anxiety. You may end up misplacing items or tripping over objects.

Fortunately, a clean home can provide various health benefits. It can also keep you motivated and productive. With that in mind, keep reading to learn the wellness benefits of a clean home.

Keeps You Active

From lifting to vacuuming, keeping your home clean requires a lot of energy. Cleaning won’t burn as many calories as a complete HIIT session. However, a simple task like mopping the floor can burn over 100 calories.

Increase Productivity

If you’ve ever organized your desk, you’re aware of the immediate productivity gains. You spend less time searching for papers, files, and other objects.

The same holds true for your home. If you have a project due and notice a clutter of clothes, you may stop working. Instead, your mind will be fixated on fixing that mess.

Sleep Better

The National Sleep Foundation discovered that individuals sleep better in a neat and clean space. Even though putting your things away and making your bed takes just a few minutes, the rewards are tremendous. If you’re seeking a better night’s sleep, decluttering your bedroom is an excellent place to start.

Fewer Germs

Cleaning tips should focus on ways to destroy germs and dust. These trigger allergies and other conditions. You will eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from your house by disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.

Your family will acquire fewer pathogens and diseases as they continue their activities. If your family keeps getting sick, adjust your cleaning routine.

Eat Healthier

Have you ever noticed that you want junk food when you’re stressed? This is your body’s natural response to stressful stimuli, like a messy room.

A clean home can relax you, reducing your chance of grabbing a bag of chips. Instead, it motivates you to choose healthier food options. Research has shown that people in organized living spaces often select an apple over a chocolate bar.


Visual clutter leads to mental congestion. Research shows that women with messy homes have higher cortisol levels than those with clean homes. Cortisol increases the sympathetic nervous system, which activates the “fight and flight” response.

This tends to release stress hormones which raise your blood pressure and heart rate. Thus you can see that your environment influences your stress levels. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of home cleaning tips online.

Fewer Accidents

Regular home cleaning reduces the chance of tripping, slipping, and falling. This promotes your safety and the protection of your loved ones.

Spills can be a hazard when young children or older adults are nearby. In the unfortunate case of a house fire, clutter can obstruct the exits. The consequences might be fatal if your keys are misplaced in the chaos.

Better Mood

From pizza-stained paperwork to dirty laundry, it can be overwhelming, leading to stress and depression. The areas of your brain grow “clutter blind” and insensitive to the problem over time, while other parts get over-exhausted. All it sees are the mess and the incomplete stacks, leaving a portion of your brain to ponder the undone tasks.  In fact, having a clean, organized home provides a variety of mental health benefits for everyone living in your home.

Saves Money

If you maintain a clean home, you will have less need for more costly, extra-strength cleaning solutions. After all, dirt and grime won’t have a chance to accumulate to the point where they need more cleaning power.

Dirt on wood or tile flooring can scratch and dull the surface prematurely. Soap residue and hard water deposits may cause damage to bathroom surfaces. Keeping your appliances clean can help them function longer, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Keeps Insects Away

Insects and rodents thrive in filthy rooms. Regular cleaning is preferable to waiting until the issue becomes a significant concern. Pests may pollute the food supply and taint living spaces.

They are less prone to intrude when your house is clean. That means throwing away uneaten food and keeping the bread crumbs off the floor.

No Mold

Maintaining a clean house helps you identify and eradicate mold. Mold and fungus may pose health risks.

They cause severe allergic responses, common colds, influenza, and asthma attacks. Regular cleaning by a professional maid will prevent mold growth, ensuring a safer and healthier place.

Supports Minimalism

A clean, uncluttered place is consistent with minimalism. Not every immaculate homeowner is a minimalist. You may feel overwhelmed by the clutter, so it’s wise to understand how to eliminate it.

You can donate, sell, or discard the items you no longer need or use. Getting rid of clutter will make your life simple and safe. You can make money by doing a garage sale once a year.


Knowing that you’ve completed various tasks gives you a tremendous energy boost and empowerment. You will experience a feeling of success when you can glance around a clean and organized house. It will also motivate you to sustain the habit during the following days, weeks, and months.

More Leisure Time

You can maintain cleanliness and order by exerting a tiny bit of work regularly. This gives you more time to relax and recover.

The key to remaining on top of your home cleaning duties is to create a timetable that lets you set aside a few moments each day to do some chores. It beats allowing the mess to accumulate for a weekend-long cleaning marathon.

Protects Your Property

Your house will lose value if it gets too filthy. This is because prospective buyers will notice how dirty it is and may decide not to purchase it. This might be detrimental if you want to sell your place.

Even if you have no intention of selling, you should ensure that your property is presentable for visitors. A messy house will prevent you from entertaining guests and making them uncomfortable.

More on the Wellness Benefits of a Clean Home

Cleaning might seem exhausting, but it’s worth it. Coming home to an organized space can reduce your stress. It can also enhance productivity and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are having trouble keeping your surroundings clean, we can help. We can put a sparkle to your house to get you the wellness benefits you deserve. Stop waiting, and contact us today for a quote on our cleaning service.